My Lash Journey so far...

Updated: Nov 25

March 2019 I decided to take a chance on myself and not look back. I booked a Lash Extensions course and haven't looked back.

I receive a call from my sister "do you want to do a lash course?" I leap at the opportunity as I just finished a job role and was keen to get stuck into a new mental challenge. That course birthed Beauty by Chaela (Kayla). #lashcommunity #lashes #lashbusiness

Design with Ease

You can't create your best lash without your first lash. Your first may be terrible, you might be slow but keep going!

After receiving via The Beauty Academy, I took the leap and started doing lashes. I was slow and my fans were far from a volume fan but I kept going. I kept practising until I built the confidence to start showing my work in the hopes that new clients would be interested in booking with me.

Some of early Lash Fills

Create Relevant Content

I now complete a full lash set to a high standard with correct lash isolation, longer retention and happy Lash Baes. To book in with me click here.

Be original, commit to the journey, and try again.

Chaela x

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